Slot game – Wild West Bank

Wild West Bank Slot game

Ever wondered what’s is it like to grab a bank riding horse holding gun in one hand and dynamite in another? Well now you can find out thanks to “Wild West Bank” an online slot game.

Ok, maybe that is too much. You don’t need dynamite and a revolver gun to steal money. Ditch them all and better pick this slot game! You can get great bonus games including Wild Cowboys,  Free and a SuperBet games.

Hit The Saloon

Just like any cowboy worth the name you’ll want to hit the saloon as soon as you get into town. You’ll find the chandeliers swinging in the wind in this Wild West saloon, with saloon girls propping up the bar and card games just waiting to be played. There’s also some great animations, and the buttons have all been designed as poker chips to give it that extra authentic feel.

* game screen quality reduced on purpose to reduce page loading time.

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These are included in the game pack:
1. Game reels (PSD: 1234×704 px);
2. Unique game logo (PNG: 823×193 px);
3. Background image (PSD: 1440×900 px);
4. Eleven symbols (PSD: 230×230 px);
5. Animation of symbols (PNG sequences: 230×230 px; 30fps; 31 frames);
6. Pay tables (PSD: 1420×974 px);
7. Bonus game (PSD: 1440×900 px);
8. Splash screen (PSD: 1440×900 px);
9. Risk game (PSD: 1440×900 px);
10. Big win screen (PSD: 1440×900 px);
11. Animation of Big win screen (PNG sequence: 1440×900 px; 30fps; 84 frames);
12. Pop-ups (PSD: 663×441 px).

You also get copyrights to game art.


Additional upgrade and tuning services for this game:

  1. Not satisfied with the game design of the logo?
    Our team will develop a unique logo that will meet your requirements, including redesign the appearance, as well as the required name for your game.
  1. Do you require individual dimensions  for game interface? Don’t like the layout of interface elements?
    We can redesign game interface according to your preferences. The navigation and control elements can be expanded, supplemented or completely modified.
  1. The set of game symbols can be upgraded in accordance with the size of the game reels. We can increase their quantity, change their dimensions and purpose.
    We can fully redraw special symbols like as “Bonus”, “Scatter”, “Free spin” and “Wild”.
  1. Want to add additional bonus games to the slot machine?
    We will design bonus games for you. Also suggest their mechanics and new principles of winnings, which can be displayed in the form of special decorative objects and elements.
  2. We will help you create unique pay tables with an individual approach.
    Change of the text information according to the operating principles of the slot game or redraw of the existing design.


All graphic elements of this slot can be customized or replaced according to your wishes. You simply contact us by filling the form below.