What is ‘‘white label online casino’’

Ready to launch your online casino, but not willing to spend time nor energy on getting a license, building website, connecting payment gateways, purchasing software, games and etc.? Perfect, there is a solution. You can launch your online casino without any substantial investments. This solution is called ‘‘white label online casino’’. More about it below.

In general, term ‘‘White label’’ is a format of partnership in which a large company develops and delivers products, and a lesser known company sells them under its own brand.

Or as Wikipedia says:

A white-label product is a product or service produced by one company (the producer) that other companies (the marketers) rebrand to make it appear as if they had made it.

It resembles opening a franchised coffee shop, say ‘‘Starbucks’’. You cannot choose the design, your opinion is not taken into account when you want to change the coffee menu. Even marketing is not your business. Same with your casino, you will not be able to customize it for yourself – the company from which you purchased this label does it for you. But there is an indisputable plus – you will already have a gaming license.

Let’s say that you buy a brand new casino with all incl. You don’t need to buy software, create a website, engage in customer acquisition and promotion. All this is already done. Depending from your contract, company you buy ‘‘white label’’ solution takes you ‘‘under their wing’’, they share their customers, place a new online casino on a promoted platform, advertise a new project along with their services and provide huge opportunities for successful activities.

When buying a ready-made online casino the you receive (again depending on you contract):

  • setup of your online casino
  • a license to run a gambling business
  • high-quality software
  • a package of popular games from know developers with multi languages
  • payments processing options and merchant accounts
  • technical support and hosting of your website
  • constant software updates

However keep in mind, that all of this doesn’t come for free (even tough it’s way more cheaper than having your own casino). Here is a list of points you have to keep in mind, when thinking about ‘‘white label online casino’’:

  • Setup fees. The setup of your casino will cost you and the fees are often fairly high. However, keep in mind, that for the functionality and development speed you get, it’s natural that some fees will be applied.
  • Revenue share arrangements: Yes, that’s correct you will share part of your revenue, so be crystal clear before signing the contract what will be the terms and conditions.

And last but not least: MARKETING

This will be solely your responsibility, while the rest is on ‘‘white label’’ provider. It’s your job to get the players visiting your website and playing games. Su be sure that you are good in these fields:

  • SEO plus content marketing. That’s the only way you will get your organic traffic flowing. The better the content, the more possible people will find you on internet. Also search engines will love you for giving relevant content and keeping your website with latest SEO standards.
  • SEM – paid ads. The quickest way to generate traffic to your site. But keep in mind that different paid ad channels have different rules and some won’t let you advertise your casino.
  • Promotions – big bonuses, first sign up bonus, promos, rewards and etc. This way you will keep your audience engaged in playing games on your website.
  • Affiliates – another solution to get more customers to your online casino.

God luck in launching your online casino and remember if you need any support in designing or animating your games or websites, contact us below.