Slot game “Lu Ban””

We are glad to share with you our recently developed slot game for our Taiwanese partner.

This game is based on life of famous Chinese carpenter Lu Ban (c. 507–444 BC). He was born into family of carpenters who were practicing carpentry for generations. Since his childhood little Lu joined his family in various constriction projects across the state. With his open-mindedness  he was quick to learn all what was there about carpentry from his teachers and started to inventing his own tools to solve everyday problems.

He invent saw, as we know today, then many weapons that were used in fighting enemies. He also created wooden robots, horse carriages and many more things that improved the daily life of people.

When creating this game, we wanted to bring the everyday life experience of Chinese carpenter to slot game players. Thus we chose tools that were used by these craftsmen at their daily tasks, as background we chose episodes of Chinese nature. Below you can see some images from the slots game.

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