Slot game development. How is it done?

By market average, an online slot game takes 3 to 4 months to develop and is created by a group of five individuals.

All things considered, everything is similar to project work like in other businesses:

  • there is a UX/UI,
  • there is a front/ backend programming
  • and other protocols.

In any case, even contrasts in phrasing are significant.

Numerous organizations manage land-based gambling business: slot machines, table games, and so on. With wide utilization of the Internet, they need to go on the web: set up their lucrative games for the web and mobile devices.

Here, the JavaScript innovation of HTML5 starts things out: we take resources, the interactivity of a game written in C ++ or another programming language and make it appropriate for the use in Internet.

Besides gambling game development, we deliver projects for big customers, including back-end and front-end, full-stack programming for web and mobile services.

Can I trust casinos?

The rules of the any gambling game are always openly described – public opinion that the gambling businesses delude individuals is a fantasy. Any land-based casino is a totally straightforward organization. It is clear where the cash comes from, where you can discover data about which rewards and when. Casino businesses share this information as it is an additional source for gaining new clients. For instance, when developing any casino game the primary parameter is RTP or “return to player”. This is the percentage of money that the game gives back to the players. It tends to be unpredictable – it can be numerous small wins or a one large win – usually average RTP is 95-97%. That is, the casino takes just 3-5% of the turnover, the leftover sum is shared among the customers.

The fundamental parameters are set as beginning, yet we do all the internal math: the number of components are in the slot game, which mini-games are incorporated into it, and so on. We make ready such calculations on the boundary of business examination and mathematics: probability hypothesis, combinatorics. In addition, we work not only with slot games but also with games of skill.

What’s next?

Searching for someone with a gambling game development experience? Are you interested in building an extraordinary game for your online casino? Simply contact CasinoDesignPro team. We have been working in the betting business for more than 15+ years. During our lifetime we worked with companies like betFashionTv, BetConstruct, Erron, Boqu Games.

Our team of designers are always seeking to fulfill the needs of the client and foresee the trends of future casino games, so that we could offer best game experience for your