Optimize your casino affiliate website to improve you marketing metrics

Rising bounce rate or falling click rates?

Or event worse: decreased amount of traffic to your affiliate gambling site on which you spent so much time and money? This can happen to anyone if… you aren’t taking care of your website.

Updating your affiliate casino website design is essential if you want to keep your commission money flowing into your bank account. Besides, you have to stay ahead of Google algorithm as it is constantly being updated. We can’t say how many times a year you should optimize your casino website, but one thing is for sure: you have to.

There can be many factors that influence your decreasing marketing metrics. We will focus on one of these issues: outdated affiliate website design.

Outdated website design

Yes, as wild as it sounds, visitor taste changes over time. Colors, layouts, banner images that were popular 3-5 years ago, don’t make any impact now. Thus customer journey on your casino website is short. No wonder you get high bounce rates and low engagement, click rate etc. it is simply showing itself as not reliable.

We have been in online casino business for more than 15+ years. Creating online games like: slots, roulette, table games is similar to creating an online casino website: it requires experience, attention to details and good understanding of mapping customer journey through your services.

One has to know meaning of colors, characters and icons, logical sequence of website images and text. All of them have to convey specific message, show that your site is not a scam, build trust and user engagement. Below you see a banner for a casino website we did some time ago. Notice how colors, characters and icons seamlessly interact with each other.

You won’t learn it in design books or on YouTube videos. It is gained over time and after numerous projects.

Customer journey

Your website visitors need to feel confident that they are engaging with a service that is ‘‘the best in the business’’. Put simply – a poorly crafted website indicates a poorly managed service, making it easy for consumers to close the website and look elsewhere.

The usual customer journey consists of these steps: Awareness, Consideration, Preference, Purchase and finally, Loyalty & Advocacy.

The better you understand your customers, the better website design you can order. This will improve your bounce, click-through rates, increase traffic.

So what steps should you make if you noticed that your affiliate casino website is loosing it’s visitors?

Do a website audit.

Our way of affiliate casino design audit

You have to carefully go through your website and critically evaluate all parts of it:

  • Does it achieve it’s goal?
  • Does it look trustworthy?
  • Does it motivates to make action: click, scroll, register?

These are only few questions we ask ourselves whenever we get request to update outdates affiliate gambling sites. We closely analyze each page like:

  • Casino website homepage
  • Page Type
  • Casino Review Page
  • Slot Review Page

And other inner pages too. Below you can see some of website we have worked on:

Once our team identifies the areas for improvement, we share our insights with the customer. We talk over the necessary details and amendments. Once we agree on job details, we delve into most amusing part of our task: creative concepts. This involves a lot of brainstorming, comparing, analyzing, discussing. To make it more challenging, we set clearly defined deadlines, so customers would receive their final website design in a timely manner. Usually to re-design a casino affiliate website takes a week.

If you are interested in optimizing your website, fill an application below by writing in detail what you need. The rest will be finished by our team at CasinoDesignPro.