6 easy steps how to check if online casino is not a fraud

Before starting your game, check the hosting website if it’s honest and stabile. Only a proven casino will bring you pleasurable online experience. So how can you be sure if the online casino is reliable, secure and not a fraud? It is enough just to check whether it corresponds to the 6 features below:

1) Online casino license. Any officially approved casino provides its players with the necessary regulatory documentation about the establishment on the website. On the casino website (mostly in footer or separate page), you should find documents about where, when and by whom the institution was licensed. One more thing, gambling houses are regularly randomly checked by casino regulators such as Malta Gaming Authority, so whenever inspecting the official documents, look for their release and last check dates.  You can also check this official website for more information on this site.

2) Technical support. This is an easy, yet important step. Ask any question you like, it doesn’t have to be something specific. For instance you can ask them ‘‘is this website secure’’? If the online casino is reliable they should give you an answer within minutes no matter whether its night or weekend. Somebody from support should be online anytime. But if you have to wait for answer for a longer period of time, then be careful this is a sign that’s something not right here. Better stay away from this site.

3) Withdrawal speed. The more reliable the casino, the more it has various ways to withdrawn money. And that’s a logical step, as online payment systems themselves are trying to establish cooperation with such casinos due their transparency. Again if there is only one or two options to withdraw money, then it is better to look for a more reliable institution for the game.

4) Visual design of the site. Yes, that’s correct – website design has to be flawless. Here is why: the website works as entrance ‘‘door’’ to online casino. Would you enter a casino if its façade, door look abandoned or shabby? No way you would do this. Same here, if you see that website design has flaws, abandon the website for your own safety. Fraudsters often don’t spend much money on design as it require a lot of investment and time.

5) Bonuses and incentives. All fraud online casinos upon your registration try to temp you with generous  bonuses, free spins and other big rewards. Reputable casinos, on the other hand are real business that calculate profit and loss, so they can’t give you big bonuses on your first registration as they would simply go bankrupt.

6) Reviews of the online casino. Don’t trust reviews on the casino website, most likely they are fake. To form a real opinion about the casino you need to be as objective as possible. Spend some time on internet reading forums, checking review websites or asking in social groups. This is the best way to make sure that the online casino website and business behind it are legit.