Is design agency worth your money?

Have you ever felt overloaded with project management or anxiety when realizing that the project is still 0% done, but deadline coming soon?

Usually these are the moments when creativity kicks in. You come up with various ideas and solutions to problems, that you thought it was impossible or unimaginable to solve. But what to do, when you need someone else to do it? Whom do you delegate projects tasks? Your team? A freelancer from Fiverr or an agency?

Lets be honest: this post will be about promoting our Casino Design Pro agency’s services. But in a meaningful and constructive way. There are plenty of  freelancers you can hire on the internet, you just have to find them. If you have time or running on a tight budget then, yes, use their services. However if you are short on time or want to be sure that the job will be completed 100% and on time then go for an agency.

Here are the key reasons, why agency services suit your needs:

  • Accountability. After you sign contract you immediately get a project manager assigned as your single point of contact. It is their job to make sure everything goes smoothly and you get all your questions answered in time. Also you are secured that if any of the team members is sick or cannot fulfill your job, they will be replaced immediately at no cost on your side.
  • Knowledge/ experience. Usually agency employs a number professionals from the same field who can give more in-depth look and better evaluation of final product. For instance our team consist of 4 designers (with combined 35 years of experience in fields of game design and animations)
  • The big picture. Having various professionals under one roof gives a complete overview of you project from start to end. Freelancers only know their specifics. As they work alone, they don’t have the possibility to consult with other people working on the same project. Imagine a situation: their job is made flawlessly, but once you give it to a programmer (another freelancer) they tell you that it’s impossible to integrate with their project as it doesn’t comply with system requirements. Imagine the frustration when you realize this! And have already paid for the result!!!
  • Professionals. This is directly related to ‘‘bigger picture’’. When you work with freelancers you have to always look for the perfect professional to complete your task. You have to find a good designer then search for animator, then collect the source files and search for a programmer who would put everything into one. It’s good when you find all of them immediately, but what will you when you can’t? How long will you search for them? On the other hand, when working with an agency you get access to all professionals immediately. You don’t have to search for anyone and in case any of the professionals cannot complete their work, it’s agency’s duty to provide you a person who will do their task at no additional cost.

These are the main reasons why we think agency is better than a freelancer. Keep in mind that once you have worked with an agency and are satisfied with their services, you can continue doing it further along the way. You won’t have to search for new freelancers every time you start something new.

Got an important project but can’t find reliable partner? Contact us, our team of professional will help you to complete it.