Invest in better online casino gaming art

Often we receive client requests to update or improve art and animations for one or more of their online gambling games. This is natural, especially if the game is well received by players. One wants to keep them the same, but also make them looking fresh and inviting new players to try it out.

There is no game art that cannot be improved. We always find ways how to make any game art assets shine again.

Most of their requests involve improvement of game screen resolution or aspect ratio, so it would fit all web browsers and mobile devices. We also get requests to improve overall game style as its outdated also requests to finish game art as previous designer wasn’t able to deliver the project in time nor according agreed standards.

To add more to this, once we receive the game files often source files are missing, this makes the task even more challenging as these files work as blueprint for game art. With no blueprint designer must re draw everything again. The more ‘‘difficult’’ the picture, the more time it requires to re create.

Imagine this situation: you have to build a house from few photos you managed to find versus building a house with all necessary architectural plans, that show exactly what comes after what and how to put walls, windows, roof and etc. And in the end you keep these plans for yourself. They are your property.

Same with game files, before ordering a game make clear that you want source files as later you might not get them. You can ask these files in various formats, popular formats are: *.psd *.fig *.ai No matter the format, the files must be prepared in a way that’s is easy to work with, each layer must be clearly named, so that the next user easily understands what is what.

Whenever we speak about new projects with clients, one of the first questions is in what file format they want to receive final game art.

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