How do we work with clients?

We seek to become transparent, so our future customers could see how to initiate collaboration with us. We have implemented business processes that help our new clients to get onboard easily.

Contact. Usually our managers contact you with offers for online casino games or you find us by searching for online casino game designers and animators.

Non-disclosure agreement (NDA), also known as a confidentiality agreement (CA). We understand, that secrecy and privacy are important to you, therefore if you request, we sign a NDA, to make sure that all communication stays between us.

Your ideas. Once we have NDA signed you can present your ideas for new online casino game or show us  gambling games that you want to improve by redesigning or redoing them completely.

Analysis. 24 hours after your request, we offer our ideas on how to make your online gambling game better or how to make your new online casino game unique.  Our team is made of designers and animators who have gained experience working on well know online casino games provided by top companies. We also seek that our team would seek constant improvements on their style, so every time they take a new project, they would implement design ideas that are proven to work, but also stay up to date with current online casino game trends.

Client. Once they hear our ideas, they either ask for some improvements or agree with our ideas.

Contract. Once clients is satisfied with our offered casino game improvements we sign a contract and customer transfer 50% upfront fee. Once the money has been received we roll our sleeves and get to work.

Project manager. The client immediately gets a dedicated person who is responsible for all communication regarding ordered services. The project manager introduces the client to timeline on how their project will be delivered: dates, time, milestones and etc.

Final part. Once the customer is satisfied with end result, they transfer the rest 50% payment.

Files. We send all online casino game design files to the customer.



Interested? Are you seeking for a online casino game design and animation company, that would create your game? Contact us below.