Effective design for your online casino website

Often, we get inquiries from online casino owners to help them improve their websites. Usually their goal is to improve click rates or lead generation. While traffic mostly depends from perfectly carried out SEO strategy, click rates or lead generation is greatly influenced by effective website design.

In this article we share with you 4 tips, that every online gambling site should have:

Up-to-date graphics

It is not enough to build a website and leave it unchanged for decades. We suggest you to visit Web archives where you can check history of internet pages. How have they evolved etc. It’s a great way to see how their design looked 20 or more years ago. Would you visit website which holds design dated 20 years back? We neither.

The website design is totally up to you, we will only make it look modern by using high quality pictures, flat SVG graphics, suitable and modern fonts. To put it short, we will make your website look relevant to current trends.

Color psychology

If you are in casino industry, you already know how colors influence our decisions in many subtle ways. Your website color palette is not an exception. Once you decide what colors you would want to use for your design, our designers will combine them in way that users would feel trust, connectedness and become involved with your content. Otherwise no one wants to visit or stay on a website that has loud screaming colors. This is a sign of unprofessional and poorly managed website, that probably was made with only one thing in mind: scam.

Here are few examples how colors influence our decisions:


Green is the color of money, and you can say that it is the trademark color of casinos in general. The cloth on the poker, roulette, and craps table is usually made in this colour. Also, green pockets of zero and double zero in roulette are the only numbers that are not colored red or black.

Fruity Colors  

Almost all traditional slots include some kind of fruits, which are by nature very vivid. Apples are usually red, lemons are yellow, pears can be green, etc. Again, this colour variability can make it easy for the players to notice the difference between certain symbols and to not get too confused when playing the game.


Most people’s first association with the word “jackpot” is a bunch of golden coins pouring out of a slot machine. Gold is more valuable than money and therefore is another colour most commonly seen in online casinos.

Source here


That is the key requirement for your website. You can have perfect color balance, nice fonts, nice graphics but if your website is hard to navigate, then you lose customer immediately. Ask yourself what do we often search when visiting a casino website? From our experience we know that users, when visiting an online casino website, seek for:

  • information about our services
  • decide whether trust you or not

Therefore, the more complex it looks, the more harder to find necessary info, the less time visitors will spend on your gambling website. Your website must have only one goal: to convert visitors into customers. Fewer buttons to click, fewer pages to check. Seek to lay out all necessary info on the main page. So user could build trust immediately.

Mobile version

More than 75% of online casino website visitors come from their mobile devices. Having your website mobile responsive is not a question. It is a must. Imagine the frustration when visitors come to your website and it’s not adapted to your mobile… They would immediately leave it and visit your competitors who have it adapted for mobile phones or tablets before you even knew it…

Make images and videos responsive to their screens. Text characters big enough to read on a small screen. Do not forget about buttons. They have to be big enough to navigate easily through websites and visible enough to notice.

We get it..

You have a online casino where you have million things to do: licensing, user support, payment gateways, marketing, expansion to new markets etc. Leave website design for our team. We have been creating online casino websites for 10+ years. You only need to let us know what design you wish for, the rest will be on us.

If you want our online casino website to convert more visitors into paying customers contact us by filling the form below.