Development of video slot games for online casino


If the development of HTML5 slots is carried out according to a unique project, a lot of things depend on the individual preferences of the customer. However there are features that are regularly found on every slot machine.

The main features of slot machines are:


This parameter decides the degree of income of a casino foundation. There is a payline — unique set by algorithms that bring cash are formed. Present day gambling machines offer at least five lines. What’s more, their maximum number is restricted by the gambling company internal policy.

Right now, you can even discover games with 40 lines. For each line, the player should make a different wager. The more dynamic lines, the higher the player’s opportunity to win. Most online casino slot games permit you to choose the quantity of paylines you wish to play, and the amount you wish to wager on each line.

Our proposal: if you want to get as many players to your online casino as possible, promote that your casino has a wide scope of games: slot, table games, roulette etc. We recommend doing this as various players have different tastes and preferences for casino games.


Each gaming image you see on the screen has its own worth and function. The norm for all slots is the presence of card signs that have least worth. They can be changed with specific pictures. The best components for players are wild and scatter symbols.

The wild image can supplement the missing link to make a lucrative win. With the assistance of scatter symbols, additional rotations are enacted. One does not pay for them, yet one can win a quite nice sum.

Today, the evolution of games for online gambling gives the mix of extra symbols and extraordinary multipliers. The gaming cycle turns out to be more interesting and energizing, giving the players more opportunities to win.


It is vital that all the fundamental game features are available at any time.

If you decide to develop or purchase ready-made slot games, then be sure that the following options are available:

  • setting bet amount;
  • setting up paylines;
  • enabling the automatic game mode;
  • table with a current account or free credits;
  • button to mute the sound;
  • panel with information about winning combinations;
  • launching the risky game (if this mode is provided);
  • the “Start” button to launch the spins.

Remember that the game interface has to be as straightforward and clear as possible.

What’s next?

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