Crypto casino website design

Since 2009, when Bitcoin was first introduced, crypto currency is hot topic. Especially when companies like TESLA in the beginning of 2021 invested 1,5 B USD in alternative currency.

Crypto website design: does and don’ts

When choosing a design for a future site, you should understand that its convenience and comprehensibility will largely affect users. This relationship might not be not clear at first glance. Take into account not only the color gamut, but – the location of buttons, links, the convenience of the menu and other. These and many more things are necessary for maximum convenience of using the site.

Speaking of website colors: design should not be too bright and catchy, despite its use in the entertainment sector. This can lead to rapid eye fatigue and eye strain for users. Therefore, to accurately determine the color palette, keep brevity in mind.

Minor tips and tricks that increase user activity.

The black background of the playing field received general recognition, because it promotes concentration while playing. To create an atmosphere of competition and playful mood create a chart or news strip with the names of the winning users. Also it is recommended to post a list of crypto games that the casino has to offer on the home page. Assign a special role to the creation of player notifications, especially – about their winnings and ongoing promotions.

We advise on implementing a number of functionalities, such as player data security, money transfers, site navigation. The look of the page of the site should be definitely friendly, rather repulsive. Pay attention to the design of the casino logo. It is this symbol-picture that meets every user. Its task is to be recognizable.

Purpose of your crypto website

The main idea of creating an crypto online casino design is to attract the user with its beauty, convenience and brevity.  At the same time not to scare him away with aggressiveness. CasinoDesignPro team can help you with crypto casino website design.

Here are some website we have designed:

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