Casino Design


Slots of the game

And any other games for the casino

We have been playing games for over 10 years. From the simplest to the most difficult. Slots, table card games, roulettes, bingo and lotteries. It is possible to develop mathematics, sound and animation.
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And symbols for slots

Our characters are created in accordance with the concept of the game, help to increase communication on an emotional level and are designed specifically for slot games.


Animation from the simplest to the most complex with the use of programs Spine, Cinema4D, Afftereffect and others. Animation in Spine - the best solution for games for mobile devices. Smooth movements and small "weight" of animation are key things for mobile games

Additional Services

Any advertising for the casino.
- Video presentations and promotional videos.
- Development of logos for casinos and gaming portals
- Advertising and souvenir products
- Design of exhibition stands
- Design and manufacture of printed products